A virtual gallery

of modern art in Azerbaijan

     Since ancient times, precious jewels, serving primarily as amulets, have stricken the human imagination by their fascinating play of colors and filled people’s souls with joy, admiration and deference with their marvelous, moving beauty. Diamond - the king of stones, the noblest of precious jewels, is perceived as the symbol of immense wealth. This invincible “luminous creature” symbolizes the Sun, for every planet corresponds to its own precious stone.

     Precious stones emerged in the Orient, particularly in countries with hot climate. According to ancient sources, the Diamond, a symbol of the Saviour, Jesus Christ, could only be found at night, in the Orient. The perfect shape of a crystal symbolizes innocence and purity, perseverance in love and torment. Embodying immortality, the mystical shining center of the Diamond connects man to cosmic powers, calling us to listen to the infinity of time in majestic Eternity...

     It is generally known that diamonds can be found in all shades. Our Diamond (the amulet of the site) has a bright yellow, vivacious “fantasy” color - which, by the way, is quite a rare commodity in nature – and can serve as a Mirror that captures the diversity of the world and projects the conscience and cognition of man. Reflecting the treasures of true creeds, “the stone of wisdom and patience” symbolizes the moral and intellectual values of modern Azerbaijani art.

     The Almaz gallery site, presented to your attention, is dedicated to the true treasures of modern art. You can familiarize yourself with the artistic portraits of professional painters and sculptors, masters of Azerbaijani decorative art and photography (and this is just the beginning!) that foster the creation of new masterpieces and the development of our national art with their inspired and selfless work. It contains information on many works: sometimes different in style, as well as in origin and the initial meaning.

Almaz gallery shows the features of artistic aesthetics, revealed in plastic images created by Azerbaijani painters. This requires not only the images of heroes, but also the reflection of the general features of contemporary life and art. During the development we had to collect rather diverse information on the history of painting and applied arts.

     It goes without saying that the works of art collected in Almaz gallery do not represent the whole picture of the development of painting, as well as decorative and applied arts in Azerbaijan. The subject of discussion is the art of outstanding contemporary painters, adherents of new trends, whose works are displayed in leading art galleries and museums around the world.

Almaz gallery is an attempt to create a new virtual gallery as a living organism, to create a unique comprehensive encyclopedia of contemporary Azerbaijani painting, ornamental and applied arts - an encyclopedia that will be eventually expanded with new names.

     The history of humankind is so rich and amazing that it always strikes our imagination, showing us the gradual embodiment of the whole magic wealth and beauty of nature and finding its unique magic key to the souls of every one of us through the stunning diversity of the colorful palette of Art - for the world of Art is so great in its mobile inner harmony, natural authentic veracity and dazzlingly bright metaphorical nature.

     I sincerely hope that the mentioned examples of modern works will help you get a vivid impression of the wealth of natural colors in sunny Azerbaijan, augmented by the art and talents of our painters, hopeless romantics...

     In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and profound respect for everyone who took part in this arduous work and say that I dedicate this site to the blessed memory of my mother...

May God help us in all our endeavors, for we are all equal in the face of Eternity...

Naida Samedova, art critic